Access Control

In today’s multifaceted society and business environment, your organization is faced with new and diverse security challenges as well as elaborate regulatory requirements. It is more vital than ever to control and observe your workforce activity. The failure to control personnel access to systems and facilities can have devastating results. Personal Safety and Security, high-value proprietary Data-Loss or Damage, Malicious Property Destruction, Government or Municipal Fines, Executive Liability, Litigation and Attrition of Stakeholder Value are all Manageable Risks.

Managing Ingress and Egress by Biometrics, Card, Fob, Password or Code for Appropriated Users is a starting point toward securing your environment, but more needs to be done. You can help ensure all of your Facilities are protected by implementing least-level access and recording all user entrance and exit by simultaneous real-time data-entry and video snapshot.
AVVViD Systems can assist in providing powerful real-time IP based control over your organization’s Facilities and Workforce to Reduce Risk without major impact to your everyday business and activities.

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